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 Products :: Pain Management   

Finding the right modality is critical for effective pain management. At All Things Medical, Inc., we offer innovative products that help you to manage pain at home that are natural, noninvasive and non-pharmaceutical but that are based on proven medical science.

One of our premier pain management products is the LaserTouchOne, also known as the LTO. It is the only dual modality laser on the market today, and has been proven 93% effective for acute, chronic and intractable pain. Visit the store for a free 15 minute pain relieving treatment today! Click on the highlighted product tab for more information on the side.

Frozen Peaz are another exciting product to help you manage pain at home. Until now, there were 3 basic choices for hot and cold therapy relief: an ice pack, a gel-pack, or a bag of frozen vegetables. FrozenPeaz® hot/cold packs, the next generation in hot and cold therapy, shatter previous expectations for hot and cold packs.

Other products that we carry are tens units, Biofreeze Rollon, Biofreeze Spray, Cryoderm and much more! Visit our store and our educated staff can help you choose products to manage your pain.